Where Yoga began for me

Four years ago I was working in an office in a highly demanding role in television. After three years at the company I figured that working life wasn't for me. I sold everything I had and went to India with no plan whatsoever expect to practice as much yoga as I could. The journey opened my heart and spirit in ways I only realised after the trip. I had no a plan to do yoga teacher training however one day at the start of the trip I found myself in Fort Kochi in Kerala feeling very lonely and low. There was a yoga class at the local guesthouse I was staying at so I thought I'd go to cheer myself up. Myself, another British girl and two Germans were there at the class, the teacher never turned up. I thought to myself "hey I could teach this class, I've done so much yoga I practically now ever pose out there". So I went ahead and thought the class. It felt amazing! I had been at a loss as to what to do with my life and suddenly I had found something that I thought I could do! Anyway I then searched up the closest yoga teacher training courses, there was one on the beach town Varkala, starting in one day! So I literally ran to the train station, got an overnight train for 8 hours or so and arrived literally just in time. What pursues was one of the best months of my life. Loads of yoga every day from dusk till dawn. I was so passionate about it, I was completely in my element, I knew I had finally found my calling. What pursued after that was a whole year of travelling in India, Nepal, Portugal, Spain and Germany practicing yoga every day at Ashrams and yoga retreats, I wanted to learn all I could before finally coming back to the UK to teach. Fast forward three years and I've now been teaching yoga and mindfulness in Liverpool for all of this time. The journey at times has been so though. I've had so many doubts, "what if I can't earn enough money doing this", "am I really good enough to be a yoga teacher", "why don't I just get a real job". However some inner belief told me to keep going, even at the start when I was only earning £60 a week and scraping by. Now I can happily say that this if my life, I earn a steady and happy income teaching yoga and mindfulness to people. I absolutely love my job, it brings me so much joy, and yes it challenges me all the time, and I'm still often filled with doubtful thoughts, but things are now better than ever. I can foresee a bright and abundant future. Someone once told me to dream big, then double your dream, let's all do this, you can achieve whatever the fuck you want to, self belief is the only ingredient you need.

Namaste ❤️

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