About Me

My journey with yoga began about 10 years ago when I attended my first Yoga class. At the time I was I was living with intense anxiety and was in a more or less constant state of distress. I left the class feeling calmer, more grounded, and more at ease with myself than when I’d arrived.As the years progressed, and as I began to attend classes more regularly ,I started to notice more subtle personal changes: I was less reactive, I didn’t hold on to things as I used to, and I was becoming more accepting of myself.


Yoga then faded to the background as I became addicted to more intense exercise such as long distance running and rock climbing. Climbing satisfied my desire to build muscle and become strong, it also gave me huge mental benefits and was a great coping strategy for the anxiety I was still suffering from. 

Climbing didn't however give me the lasting state of peace that I was after. It was then that yoga found its way back into my life. I started attending yoga classes at my local studio. Yoga slowly began to take over from climbing. As my interest in creating a strong physical body faded my interest in creating a strong and stable mind grew. At the time I started to practice yoga seriously I was working a stressful job in Television, the role came with a large amount of responsibility, which at times was overwhelming. Yoga helped me so much during that time, it helped me stay calm in stressful work situations, it also taught me that taking care of myself and my body through eating healthily, regular exercise and of course regular yoga and meditation, was of upmost importance. It also helped me realise that the role I was in was not the right career path for me. This was when I began my journey into teaching both Yoga and mindfulness. 


My journey began in India where I spent 6 months training to teach both yoga and meditation. I trained with and gained my 200 Hour certificate with Abhinja School of Yoga in Kerala, South India. I then spent a year traveling the world studying, practising and teaching yoga in a range of countries including Nepal, India, Spain, Germany and Portugal. I moved to Liverpool in September 2016 to begin a regular teaching practice.


Thanks to Yoga I now feel a huge sense of peace and I am rarely perturbed by life's troubles. It has transformed my life and I look forward to passing on some of what I have learnt on to you.

Thank you and Namaste



Liverpool United Kingdom

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