Autumn Leaves

We invite you on a journey within exploring somatic awareness and heart body mind alignment. Join us for:

1. Yoga
2. Meditation
3. Mindfulness
4. Rest and Reset from the inside out
5. Yoga Nidra and Relaxation
6. Sharing Circle
7. Mantra
8. Kirtan

Thalbir and Sion extend an invitation as we transition into Autumn. Bringing in what is new and releasing that which no longer serves. We will explore yoga, mindfulness, sound healing and relaxation with a deeper intention of moving into wholeness, rest and nourishment for ourselves and our soul.

During these times of seasonal change we can also feel a change in our bodies bio rhythms, energy levels and yet often carry on as before. Sometimes we need to stop, rest and reset so we can realign and have the energy and sense of inner purpose and knowing we need. To move forward. We can realign with a new story of what is possible feeling our own strength and power as we connect to the infinite abundance of the Universe.

Energy Exchange:
Early Bird £50
£60 thereafter
Concessions - please contact Thalbir directly.
Tickets on:
Paypal to
Friends & Family option ref Yoga Retreat Day.

Please do bring lunch to have with you.
Light snacks and herbal teas will be provided.

About Thalbir:
Thalbir is a Yoga, Meditation, Movement teacher with a passion for awakening the teacher within. She is also training as a Coach and Facilitator with Feminine Power Mastery to anchor the awareness of new possibilities in the areas of Leadership, Personal Impact, Abundance, Love and Intimacy. For more info see:

About Sion Jones:
Sion in a meditation and yoga teacher from Wales, he has travelled the world learning to teach and train yoga and mindfulness in India, Nepal, Portugal and Germany. His teachings focus on developing a greater level of awareness. His teachings focus using the practices of yoga and meditation to develop a greater connection to the body, and a deeper level of self awareness, to empower each individual to lead happy, strong and balanced lives. For more info see