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Would you like to lead a happier, healthier life free of anxiety, stress and depression?

Mindfulness is a tried and tested technique scientifically proven to transform your mind and body. So many people have seen such big changes in their lives from practicing mindfulness, Sion is here to help you on your journey to wholeness.

The course begins on Thursday 18th July from 19:30-21:00 and runs every Thursday for four weeks. The venue is the lovely Rodney Street Therapies.

The course is designed to give you a firm foundation in the practice of mindfulness so that you can experience some of its many benefits

The course will look a little something like this:
Week 1 - Basics of Mindfulness - This first week will serve as an introduction to the practice of mindfulness meditation. You will learn how to meditate. You will also learn about how mindfulness can help you, as well as the benefits that a consistent regular practice brings

Week 2 - Overcoming Stress - Mindfulness gives you the space to respond differently under pressure. Learn about how your practice of mindfulness can transform a stressed life into a more balances and relaxed life.

Week 3 - Dealing with our emotions - This week will focus on how we can transform strong emotions such as anger, anxiety, worry and guilt so that these emotions don't hold us back anymore, so that we can lead a happier and healthier life free of these sometimes overwhelming emotions.

Week 4 - Taking care of yourself - This week you will learn about creating good habits in your life that really nourish you rather than deplete you. Mindfulness can help you see more clearly where in your life you could make beneficial changes that support you to become the person you know you can. Here you will also learn how to turn the practice of mindfulness a daily habit.

There are limited spaces on this course to ensure that everyone gets equal attention
The course cost is £60, this includes recorded guided meditations for you to practice at home. There are limited spaces and early booking is advised.

To book feel free to get in touch in any of the following ways
E-mail: yogawithsion@gmail.com
Phone/text: 07792630642

Siôn runs regular mindfulness sessions and courses in Liverpool, he has travelled the world learning the skills he now uses in delivering dynamic and insightful workshops.

Here is what others have said about Siôn's mindfulness courses:

" Thanks so much for all that you shared with us during the mindfulness and meditation course. I’m so glad I gave it a go, it has literally changed my life. My family and friends have commented on how much calmer I seem and even in highly stressful situations my reactions have been so much better. Mindfulness has become a part of mine and my children’s day to day life and I am so determined to maintain this moving forward. Keep up the good work and thanks again"

"The 8 week mindfulness meditation course with Sion was a great introduction, well led and extremely informative. As someone who has a great deal of social anxiety it was good to arrive to such a welcoming and calm environment. Each week is well laid out and I found it useful to have shorter meditation practices throughout the class which helped a great deal when practicing at home. I came away from each class excited to continue the journey and at the end of the course I feel like I have been set on the right path and feel happier and more focused."

"Sion is a wonderful yoga and mindfulness teacher. I find his practice and way of life a grounding example of health, peace and simplicity. Before meeting I have sometimes found meditation difficult to start, but in his words I find a calming voice, subtle nature. It has helped guide me through everyday distracting thoughts, helping to accept in my awareness of the body and emotions. To me this is a priceless gift to take through life. Thank you"